Christian Spiritual Warfare
The Way To Unity In The Body of Christ

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Christian Spiritual Warfare


Christian spiritual warfare is required for there to be unity among those in Christ from different denominations.  This will help bring about one Body of Christ.



There Is Only One Church In The City In God’s Eyes.


We make changes in our thinking all the time.  We change how we view things and we change our attitudes on a regular basis; this is a paradigm shift.  A Paradigm is a conceptual grid through which we perceive reality; a paradigm shift is a change in how we look at what has been our reality, a change in thinking if you will. 


There are currently changes in the way people view the church. A paradigm shift is starting to take place in terms of cooperation between people from different congregations.



Paradigm Shift


I would like to discuss a paradigm shift that is in the process of taking place with many people.  With strong Christian spiritual warfare, more and more people will consider it the normal way of thinking.


The paradigm I would like to discuss is this:  “THERE IS ONLY ONE CHURCH IN THE CITY”, that is, there are many different congregations but only one Church.  This is the true nature of the Body of Christ. This is how God sees His Body. 



Not One World Religion!


This paradigm is not talking about one world religion or the one world religion movement that is taking place in the world today. 


I am talking about the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ as revealed in the book of Ephesians – the process of perfecting Christ’s Body here on earth as it is manifested through His Church.  It is crucial to make this distinction.  It is an area where the enemy can enter in and create suspicion and division.



God Gives The Gifts


God did not give all His gifts to one person or one congregation in the city but distributed them over all the Church. 


This way its members are required to interact and be interdependent in order to be effective, otherwise they simply function out of their own self-abilities and not out of the power of the Holy Spirit.  This requires diligent Christian spiritual warfare.



Why A Powerless Church


I believe the church functioning on its own self-abilities is why non-Christians view the church as powerless.


God has distributed His gifts among members of the Church who meet in different congregations and many of them are culturally and theologically distant from each other.  Such distance is man-made, not God made.  God’s design is for the Body to grow together (see Ephesians 4: 15,16).


Each joint, each member of the Body supplies something that the others need.  When a congregation fails to discern it’s part in this operation, it will try to produce internally what God has already provided externally through another congregation. 


Through natural means (by its own strength), the deluded congregation will attempt to generate a gift or ministry that God did not equip them for in the supernatural.  This working in the flesh produces excessive wear and tear that eventually leads to weakness and illness in the Body.  Christian spiritual warfare is required to break this madness. 



Share Gifts


God wants us to receive, through other congregations, the gifts our congregation lacks.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if the main line congregations asked the Pentecostals to teach on the Holy Spirit and the Pentecostals asked the main line church to teach on counseling or how to meet the social needs of the hurting in the community, and if the protestants asked the Catholics to teach them the value of genuine spiritual literary?   


If, through Christian spiritual warfare we began to share the gifts God gave us I believe we would begin to look alike as a Church, and why shouldn’t we, we all have one and the same Father.



Some Hopeful signs


There are good signs in America that some congregations are beginning to come together and share their gifts with others.  Yet we have a long way to go. 


Many of us still need a paradigm shift in our own thinking and behaving. This mind renewal needs to be the focus of our Christian spiritual warfare.  We are told to be transformed by the renewing of our minds and this involves a tremendous spiritual battle.



The Gap Of Disunity


If we want to know the gap of disunity in our area, all we need to do is identify the two persons, groups, or churches that are ideologically farthest apart within our city Church. 


That gap or division represents the disunity.  Commit that disunity to Christian spiritual warfare.   We need to build a bridge between these two ends, but we don’t start at the two extreme ends, we start in the middle where people are the closest together and then we begin to move out to the extremes. 



Unity Is Doable


Coming together is a doable thing and it is beginning to happen little by little in some communities. If your congregation is not one of these, begin to work on your own paradigm shift in thinking and attitude and seek others in your congregation who are coming to be of like mind.  Engage in Christian spiritual warfare over the issue.


God wants to bring revival through His Church even more than we want it. However, we must abide in Christ for it to happen.


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