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Evidence We Are Living In The End Times

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End times 11 shows us 50 prophetic reasons we are living in the last days. There is a link at the end of this article to E. Times 10 showing six categories of signs of the times.  The Italics End Times 11 will be used to indicate those places where the text indicates the last days.


50 Reasons, Why we are living in the Last Days - by Dr. David R. Reagan - www.lamblion.com/articles/articles_signs11.php





1) Increasing instability of nature.

(Matthew 24:7 & Luke 21:11)


2) Increasing lawlessness and violence.

(Matthew 24:12)


3) Increasing immorality.

(Matthew 24:37)


4) Increasing materialism.

(2 Timothy 3:2)


5) Increasing Hedonism.

(2 Timothy 3:4)


6) Increasing influence of Humanism.

(2 Timothy 3:2)


7) Depraved entertainment.

(2 Timothy 3:4)


8) Calling evil good and good evil.

(2 Timothy 3:3 & Isaiah 5:20)


9) Increasing use of drugs.

(2 Timothy 3:3)


10) Increasing blasphemy.

(2 Timothy 3:2)


11) Increasing paganism.

(2 Timothy 3:1-4)


12) Increasing despair.

(2 Timothy 3:1)


13) Signs in the heavens.

(Luke 21:11,25)


14) Increasing knowledge.

(Daniel 12:4)


15) Increasing travel.

(Daniel 12:4)


16) The explosion of cults.

(Matthew 24:11)


17) The proliferation of false christs.

(Matthew 24:5)


18) Increasing apostasy in the Church.

(2 Timothy 4:3-5)


19) Increasing attacks on Jesus.

(Romans 1:18-19)


20) Increasing attacks on the Bible.

(Romans 1:18-19)


21) Increasing persecution of Christians.

(Matthew 24:9)


22) Increasing occultism.

(1 Timothy 4:1)


23) Wars and rumors of wars.

(Matthew 24:6)


24) Weapons of mass destruction.

(Luke 21:26)


25) Increasing famine.

(Luke 21:11)


26) Increasing pestilence.

(Luke 21:11)


27) Computer technology.

(Revelation 13:7)


28) Television.

(Revelation 11:8-9)


29) Satellite technology.

(Revelation 11:8-9)


30) Virtual reality.

(Revelation 13:14-15)


31) Unification of Europe.

(Daniel 2 & 7)


32) Far Eastern military powers.

(Revelation 9:16 & 16:12)


33) Movement toward world government.

(Daniel 7:23-26)


34) Regathering of the Jews.

(Isaiah 11:10-12)


35) Re-establishment of Israel.

(Isaiah 66:7-8)


36) Reclamation of the land of Israel.

(Ezekiel 36:34-35)


37) Revival of Biblical Hebrew.

(Zephaniah 3:9; Jeremiah 31:23)


38) Re-occupation of Jerusalem.

(Luke 21:24)


39) Resurgence of the Israeli military.

(Zechariah 12:6)


40) Re-focusing of world politics on Israel.

(Zechariah 12:3)


41) Russian threat to Israel.

(Ezekiel 38 and 39)


42) Arab threat to Israel.

(Ezekiel 35 and 36)


43) Denial of the Second Coming.

(2 Peter 3:3-4)


44) Denial of creation by God.

(Romans 1:18-22)


45) Outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

(Joel 2:28-29)


46) Translation of the Bible into many languages.

(Matthew 24:14)


47) Preaching of the Gospel worldwide.

(Matthew 24:14)


48) The revival of Messianic Judaism.

(Romans 9:27)


49) The revival of Davidic praise worship.

(Amos 9:11)


50) The understanding of Bible prophecy.

(Daniel 12:8-9)



End Times 11


This list could be greatly expanded, but the 50 examples above should be sufficient to show that we are living in the season of the Lord's return in these last days.


The Bible clearly teaches that God never pours out His wrath without warning last days for He is a just and loving God who does not wish that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9). That's why He has provided so many signs to alert us to the fact that we are living on the threshold of the Tribulation. End times 1.1



The Message of End Times 11:


The bottom line message of the End Times 11 signs is that we are living on borrowed time. And the crucial question for every human being is "Are you ready?" Are you ready for the return of Jesus? Will He come as your Blessed Hope or your Holy Terror?


It will be one or the other, for God is determined to deal with sin, and He does so with either grace or wrath (John 3:36). If you have put your faith in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then you are under God's grace. Your sins have been forgiven and forgotten, and you can look forward with confidence to that glorious day when Jesus will appear in the heavens. Last Days


But if you have never received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you are under the wrath of God, and you have nothing to look forward to except the terror of His wrath. End Times 11.


The choice is yours. I personally cannot understand why anyone would turn their back on God's free gift of grace through faith in His Son. I have placed my faith in Jesus, and I therefore am able to look forward to His soon return with great anticipation and expectation. All that is within me cries out, "Maranatha! Come quickly Lord Jesus" (1 Corinthians 16:22).

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