Pictures of Jesus Christ

Pictures of Jesus


We all want to see Jesus.

However, there are just no true pictures of Jesus Christ.

What we have to settle for is how other people have pictured Him, and what we get is many different versions of what He looks like to other different people. 

The blessing in this is that when we look at many different versions of how different people see Jesus it begins to give us an image of how He might look to us.

There are eight different pages of Jesus' pictures on this web site. I pray that you will see Jesus through the eyes of many different artist and be able to come up with your own way of seeing Jesus.

The links to the other pages with pictures are at the bottom of this page.

Jesus - 74 Jesus - 75 Jesus - 76 Jesus - 77 Jesus - 78 Jesus - 79 Jesus - 8 Jesus - 80 Jesus - 81 Jesus - 82 Jesus - 83 Jesus - 84 Jesus - 85 Jesus -86 Jesus - 87 Jesus - 88 Jesus - 89 Jesus - 9 Jesus - 91 Jesus - 92 Jesus - 93 Jesus - 94 Jesus - 95 Jesus - 96 Jesus - 97

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