Signs Of The End Times
Signs Are Setting The Stage For The Tribulation

Signs Of The End Times

Signs Of The End Times


What are the signs do we look for?  Is Bible prophecy being fulfilled today?  For the purpose of this article, the end times represents the 7 year tribulation.  Along with Israel returning to her homeland, we are seeing signs of Bible prophecy being fulfilled today, but the signs are only pointing to the actual fulfillment of the sign.  A sign pointing toward an event is not the same as the actual fulfillment of that event.    The End Times

There are clear signs that indicate we could be very near to the start of the tribulation.  The signs are becoming more numerous and more intense just as the Bible says.



The Church Age


In the current time period of the “Church Age or the Age of God’s Grace” any fulfilled prophecy relates to Israel.  For example, the destruction of the temple in 70 AD related to Israel and the coming of Israel back into the land in 1948 to re-form as a nation.  Charting the End Times: A Visual Guide to Understanding Bible Prophecy


There are no specific prophecies relating to the Church Age or the Age of Grace.  We know that it began with the death, resurrection and ascension of Christ and that it will end with the snatching away, or rapture of the Church.



Signs of the Tribulation


However, when we see signs of Christmas coming, we know that Thanksgiving is even nearer.  It is the same with the end of the church age or the rapture; when we see signs of the tribulation end times period coming, we know that the snatching away or the end of the Church age is even nearer.


So, even though there is no prophecy about the end of the Church age there are many prophetic signs of the end times about the tribulation.  From chapter four on in the book of Revelation it details very specifically the tribulation period.



Setting the Stage


The signs of the end times we see today are not the fulfillment of tribulation prophecy, but rather the setting of the stage for those prophecies to be fulfilled. From that we conclude that the rapture is even nearer.    The Coming Economic Armageddon: What Bible Prophecy Warns About the New Global Economy, Largeprint


Increase in Signs    What in the World Is Going On? 10 Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore


Today we see the increase and intensification of signs of the end times that are prophesied for the tribulation.  For example, we know there has been an increase in natural disasters, and we think they are really bad.


However, they can get much worse – we just don’t want to think about that possibility.  We don’t know how bad the natural disasters will get, but for sure, they are signs of the end times for the preparation of the fulfillment of prophecy in the tribulation period.



This We Know    Bible Prophecy Handbook


This we know for sure:

  1. Jesus is going to return.
  2. Only God the Father knows when [in Jewish marriage tradition the son propose then goes home to prepare a place for the bride and the son can only go get the bride when his father tells him he can].
  3. We need to be doing kingdom work while we wait for the bridegroom and be prepared to have enough oil for our lamps for when He comes.



Five Categories of Times Ahead    Revelation: Unlocking the Mysteries of the End Times , Christianity 101 Bible Studies


It is helpful to understand that we are currently living in the “Church Age or the Age of Grace” and have been since the death resurrection and ascension of Christ.  There are different periods of time ahead of us that fall into five categories.


First, there is the end of the “Church” time period.  This is the present and the future in which we now live, ending with the rapture.  This is an unknown time period, that is, no one knows when the rapture will take place and the Church Age end.


Second, there is the “Tribulation” period. This is the seven years of judgment by God and it will end at the end of seven years with the return of Christ coming to set up His kingdom here on earth.  The signs of the end times prophetic prophecies are very specific about their fulfillment during this period.


Third, there is the “Millennium” period.  This is the prophesied 1,000-year reign of Christ on earth.


Fourth, there is the “Little Season” period.  This is an unknown time period when Satan is released and attempts to destroy Christ’s kingdom on earth.  As unbelievable as it is, prophecy says many will fall away and side with Satan.


Fifth, there is the “Eternal State” period.  This is after there is a new heaven and a new earth created.  All created beings will be in one of two places forever – without end!  They will be in the new heaven and new earth or they will be in the lake of fire never to be released – forever and ever!


There five time periods are consecutive and will occur in the same sequence as listed above.





In conclusion, the signs of the end times we see today are signs of the stage being set for the tribulation period.  There is an abundance of signs today and they are increasing in number and intensity.  We need to get ourselves right with the Lord and be about kingdom business because the rapture is even nearer then the tribulation.

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