The Spiritual Warfare Armor Of God

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Much of the information available on the spiritual warfare armor of God deals with the weapons discussed in Ephesians 6:10-18 in terms of the dress of the solider; that is the belt, breastplate, sandals, helmet, shield, and sword. A great deal of written information has been devoted to in-depth descriptions of these physical warfare items.

Whole Armor of God

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We see the real armor as:
• Truth
(Belt of Truth),
• Righteousness (Breastplate of righteous),
• Peace (Sandals of peace),
• Salvation (Helmet of salvation),
• Faith (Shield of faith),
• Word of God (Sword of the Spirit) and
• Prayer (left out of most descriptions because it is not a physical item like the others).

The first word in Ephesians 6:10 in the NKJV is “Finally”.
This word means that FINALLY the discussion is ready to settle on the whole armor of God. It means that everything that went before has been preparation for being able to put on the full Spiritual Warfare armor of God.

The preparation part above is the practical spiritual warfare we face in our everyday life.  The spiritual warfare armor of God we need:

  • to be truthful rather than un truthful;
  • to be righteous rather than unrighteous;
  • to choose peace rather than conflict;
  • to choose salvation rather than going to hell;
  • to have faith rather than doubt;
  • to take in the Word of God rather than follow the world;
  • to pray rather than be busy in the world

What went before Ephesians 6:10 was instruction on:
• Our position in Christ
• Living a Christian life style with Christian Character

In other words, Paul is saying that knowing our position in Christ and living a Christian life style is really the armor –
it is how we live out our everyday life in:
• Truth
• Righteousness
• Peace
• Salvation
• Faith
• The Word of God
• Prayer

If we lack any of these things, we are weak and handicapped and if we storm the gates of hell in our weakened state, the enemy will eat us alive.

Can you imagine how the enemy must laugh at those of us who hoot and holler, and shout and get emotional with the devil?  

Especially when we, at the same time,

are unrighteous ourselves because we stretch the truth with little white lies, do not honor our parents or we have hidden sins of pornography, deceit, jealousy, envy, covetous, greed, pride or lust, or we do not live out any of the other life styles given above?

With the above in mind, we will look at the following items on the next pages. Just follow the links. But first I will present some re4commended Resources:


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