Thanksgiving Day Prayers

Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Thanksgiving Day Prayers


Dear Lord,
On this Thanksgiving Day, we are thankful for all that You give us,

for all that You do for us, for all that You teach us.
Thank You for guiding us to live our lives in Your will,

in Your purpose, in Your plan for us. 

Thank You for Your protection from worldly influence and danger. 

Thank You for bringing us gently to a deeper knowledge of You and what You want from us, with Your love, mercy, compassion and grace.

And thank you, Lord, for the blessings we are experiencing right now at this very moment--

the food, and the precious people who are with us to enjoy this meal and this day.
Thank You, Lord. Amen.



Dear Lord,

We come to You today
With a humble attitude.
For all you give, our hearts are full
Of  love and gratitude.

Thank you for this special time
To offer our Thanksgiving.
Thank you for this food, and for
The blessed lives we’re living.
In Jesus’ name we ask these things; Amen



Dear Lord,
We are thankful for this day,
set aside to honor all the ways You bless us
with Your goodness, love, and grace.
We are thankful for the people at this table
who add a variety of wonderful things to our lives
just by being who they are.
We are thankful for the food we are about to eat,
which You created for our nourishment and pleasure.
Most of all, Lord, we thank You
for always being there for us,
guiding us, encouraging us,
comforting us and blessing us.
In Jesus’ name we ask these things; Amen.


By Joanna Fuchs


Dear Heavenly Father,

Lord, we thank You for the opportunity to be here this day.

We thank You for this country and the privilege to live here.

We thank you for family and all these people who are here to share.

We ask Father that You bless this food and nurish our bodies with it.

And we ask that all that we say here today will glorify You.

Thank you Father for loving us.  Amen

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